Cities CAN B exist so that all the actors of the city can participate collaboratively in its sustainable development.

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What are CITIES CAN B?

Cities CAN B is a global movement designed to mobilize hundreds of thousands of people (citizens and organizations) to collaborate in pursuit of the SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals), through multistakeholder and decentralized governance.

From a collaborative and multisectoral approach, everyone participates without the need to agree in advance on a specific strategy or roadmap. Thus, the paths of action are multiple and varied, all of them under a previously shared common purpose.

Each member of the governance structure or strategic partner can pursue their own goals and benefit in their own way, as long as they are in tune with the agreed common purpose.

A movement that advances through the associative and articulated work of all the participating sectors of the city; citizens, companies, government, entrepreneurs, social innovators, academia and organized civil society, to promote together a cultural change that redefines the way we assume our responsibility and our impact on the cities we build and inhabit.

Our Goals

Cities CAN B  exist so that all the actors of the city can participate collaboratively in it’s sustainable development. To achieve this we want to actively participate in strengthening the sense of belonging, re-weaving the WE.


Consolidate a global collaborative network amongst cities that share experiences, knowledge and best practices.


Articulate collaborative local networks of public, private and civil society to mobilize citizens, organizations and companies to be active agents of change for the sustainable development of their cities.


Constitute multi-sectorial action teams in each city, working in an articulated and permanent way to advance towards the achievement of a more inclusive, resilient, prosperous and sustainable city.


Engage companies to redefine their business models and practices in order to contribute to the sustainable development challenges owning their social and environmental impact.


Involve the most important social and economics agents  of each city to work collaboratively towards a common goal, using the strength of business and the market as a catalyst for positive changes.


Mobilize young agents of change and their entrepreneurial and innovative capacity, to accelerate the changes that each city requires.

Our Commitments

We are committed to contribute to the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) in each of the Cities CAN B, and to contribute to accelerate the pace of progress towards 2030.

We are committed to act as an articulator of all the Cities CAN B, creating collaborative networks that allow the cross pollination of experiences, knowledge, learning and projects.

We commit ourselves to act collaboratively, creating open spaces of synergy so that all sectors and actors have a mechanism and concrete way of participation.

We are committed to fostering citizen commitment to assume our socio-environmental impact in a personal and collective way.

We are committed to democratize  the entrepreneurial spirit in pursuit of the common good between the young change makers.

We are committed to use the strength of business to positively impact the city.

About Us

Meet the three organizations that support our iniciative worldwide, and some of the thousand that act locally.

Latin American organization that fosters the transition to a new economy, where success is measured by the well-being of people and nature. Thanks to a systemic strategy that promotes a new form of business: B Corps, whose shareholders redefine their business purpose and take it to a legally binding commitment in their legal constitution.

Sistema B also collaborates with opinion leaders, citizens, investors, large companies and academia to promote the paradigm shift towards an economy that advances with regeneration and inclusion. This systemic look and a flexible and collaborative organization has allowed them to scale rapidly. In five years it has gone from operating in Chile, Colombia and Argentina, to be present in 11 countries in Latin America.

Organization that promotes responsible leadership and inspires leaders worldwide to work towards a peaceful, just and sustainable future. Through it’s activities, they aim to advance the Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations 2030 Agenda.

They INSPIRE leaders, through their leadership programs and encounters, to take their social and political commitment to the next level – across communities, cultures and countries.

They CONNECT leaders through their global BMW Foundation Responsible Leaders Network, a diverse, collaborative and joyful community that drives positive change through collaborative action.

They INVEST in impactful organizations while encouraging leaders to embrace venture philanthropy and impact investing as effective tools for social change.

Private Innovation Agency, certified as a B corp, that seeks to democratize and expand the capacity to innovate in Latin America. It offers a wide range of consulting and advisory services to cities, regions, governments and private companies, combining strategic design with pragmatic implementation methodologies.

They work at the macro level in strategic design; at the medium level in the design of projects, institutions to promote innovation and entrepreneurial tribes; and at the micro level supporting institutions and / or specific undertakings.

Institutional Partners

Local Partners of the Cities CAN B movement

Parceiros Estratégicos
Organizações empresariais
Organizações empresariais
Organizações empresariais
socios estratégicos
SOCIOS regionales de ciudades +b
socios estratégicos
SOCIOs Financistas
SOCIOS regionales de ciudades +b

How to add your city to the
Cities CAN B movement

To incorporate your City to the Cities CAN B movement there are three steps:

Step 1

Your team has to achieve the formal commitment or sponsorship of a minimum set of relevant local actors. A multi-sectorial composition is required.

Local government
Set of Social Organizations (representative of the city)
Federation / Industry / Local Chamber (representative of the city)
Some partner (s) of the governance of Cities + B (System B, League of Entrepreneurs, ...)
Private companies (broad and transversal presence in the city)
Entrepreneurs Association
Local university
Indigenous Association
National Economic / Social Development Agency
Step 2

Your team has to raise the minimum resources to operate the City can B for at least two years. This includes:

Contract signed between the promoting parties and the financing parties
Have the minimum resources required to finance for 2 years the hiring of a Director for the Cities CAN B and finance their training
Securing funds for the completion of the exploration process and the Business Program
Step 3

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Cities CAN B  exist so that all the actors of the city can participate collaboratively in it’s sustainable development. To achieve this we want to actively participate in strengthening the sense of belonging, re-weaving the WE.

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Cities CAN B

We are pleased to announce the official launch of the SDG Action Manager: The new impact management tool to build a better world, that will help monitor your company's progress on the 17 SDG.

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